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Lucio Forte solo show

"I like to draw a tree with all its leaves or a detailed flower field or a view of Manahattan with all those buildings that fit together and interpenetrate each other in a stack of polyhedral volumes ...... Continue

Added 23 January 2023


Lucio Forte

Lucio Forte is an Italian artist. Its production of oil paintings begins at age of 7 and continues during his life in a continuous experimentation , with constant intermingling with other artistic dis...... Continue

Added 29 November 2016

No Energy

Lucio Forte Solo Show

Milan, Saturday, March 22, will be inaugurated No Energy, the next solo exhibition of Lucio Forte at Orygma Ancient Shed in 34 Corelli street. On display are some thirty paintings in oil and mixed med...... Continue

Added 04 April 2016