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ArtlyNow is an professional online gallery available to all contemporary artists, painters, sculptors and collectors.
The gallery offers the best tools of the web to give maximum visibility on the internet to all artists.

Thousands of visitors per month and better indexing make ArtlyNow one of the most visible art sites on the web.

You can register as a "Guest" to buy the works for sale or to contact and interact with the artists on display.

You can register as "Artist" to buy or sell their work, put in your resume, report shows, events and art projects, advertise their artistic activity.

Rules and Policy

The person who registers for the portal uses the services and is required to comply with the rules of the portal itself, of any entry fees and services. ArtlyNow reserves the right to vary independently and at its discretion, rules and registration fees, pledging to provide prior notification to members electronically (e-mail). The person who registers for the portal will be able to decide to remove the same at any time by notifying the willingness system administrator.
The subject is committed to compliance with the regulations of the Italian Republic on the contents disclosed on the protection of children, and all other applicable laws and regulations, including for example: the prohibition of publication of material offensive, tortious, defamatory, pornographic and racist. It's forbidden to misuse of the website, with the end goal other than the main publication of works of art and personal artistic dissemination. It's forbidden post content that is not in accordance with the subject matter or use the tools to do spam or advertising fraudulent and unauthorized.
ArtlyNow assumes no liability for damages of any voluntary or involuntary, direct or indirect, caused by users of the service and violate the laws and regulations cited. The gallery reserves the right to cancel or user information at any time and without notice. ArtlyNow is unable to guarantee the accuracy of the information entered by users and their actual identity. The online gallery is not responsible for any fraud, deception or economic damage, tangible and intangible caused by subscribers.
All personal data entered are protected by EU Regulation 679/2016. It is possible to read the complete privacy policy by clicking here. The personal information will therefore be used by the staff of the site for purposes of artistic promotion, site functionality and statistics. They will not be disclosed to third parties for other purposes. Further details on the regulation and operation of the site can be found by clicking here.

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