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Costantino Canonico - Italy

Costantino Canonico

Country: italy     Artworks published: 2

franco scacchi - Italy

Franco Scacchi

Country: italy     Artworks published: 6

Franco Scacchi was born in Milan on 1951. As from 1966 he attends istituto Rizzoli Editore in milan where he obtains the diploma Perito Grafico. From 1970 to 2001 Franco works in a primary Graphic Art Firm based in the Nort Milan. Afterwards, he fully dedicates to sculpure and paiting. At a critical crossroad of his life he is introduced to art therapy and works in the art laboratory off MAPP( Art Museum of Paolo Pini) where he finally becomes a fully fledged Artist. He partecipates to several collective exhibition in Milan. Notably, for the last 10 years, his creation are on exhibition at MIA... Continue

Pietro Dell'Aversana - Italy

Pietro Dell'aversana

Country: italy     Artworks published: 2

Artist Peter Dell'Aversana BiographyPeter Dell'Aversana and 'born June 21, 1963, in Sant'Arpino, a small town in the province of Caserta, Campania. Just nine years already feels' passion for painting and paints his first works. In 1979 he moved to Lombardy, in Casorate P. Pavia and definitively Rosate, Milan where he keeps his ATELIER; has participated in many solo exhibitions, collective and painting competitions, and 'present on many important catalogs of Art, achieving great acclaim from audiences and critics. We remember his exhibition presence at the international fair "Paint Art Fair of ... Continue

Salvatore Magno - Italy

Salvatore Magno

Country: italy     Artworks published: 2

The luke artist Salvatore Magno is born on the 17th of may 1959 in a little town in the south of Italy. The luke  territory (Basilicata) offers to the young boy the earliest ideas of thought and expression: nature, history, society, popular culture. Even at an early age, a lucky epiphany reveals the beginning of his artistic career, as the artist himself explains: “There was a small supermarket in my hometown.Every day after school, it was my habit to go watch some items for sale.I well remember that picture: there were colors on a shelf, I remained a few minutes to observe, I imagined the... Continue