LOVING AND LIVING  - Daniela Pasqualini - Acrilico - 3000 €


Acrilico 122 x 152 x 2 cm - Daniela Pasqualini - Anno realizzazione: 2019

Note sull'opera:
Original painting from the serie "REVISITING PLACES" -TRAVEL IS RESEARCH AND PAINTING IS THE REACTION. This series features paintings that convey years of travel seeking stories of all kind; experiences involving nature, places, people and sounds that are woven into the relationship with vibrant colors, texture and lines.The current artwork is an interpretation of the images and emotion accumulated from my travels. Painted with brushes and palette knife.Mixed Media on gallery wrapped canvas - acrylic paint. Dimension 48 x 60 inches(122 X 152 CM) Edges are painted, requires no framing, so it is ready to hang.A final varnish coat preserves the colors for extended time and protects the painting from dust and uv rays. The painting is signed on front and dated with name on the back. Certificate of Authenticity

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Disponibile a spedire:  Italia  / Europa

Prezzo: 3000 €


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