First Light II

First Light II - Daniela Pasqualini - Acrilico

First Light II

Acrilico 25 x 25 x 2 cm - Daniela Pasqualini - Anno realizzazione: 2020

Note sull'opera:
Original painting from the series "EMERGENCE". In this series of paintings I transform observations of nature and humanity into abstract patterns. Inspired by light, movement, color combinations, social interaction, and pattern, my goal is to infuse these elements and form abstracted compositions. Emergence illuminates when a creature or object is observed to have properties its parts do not have on their own. These properties or behaviors emerge only when the parts interact in a wider whole. Understanding the interaction of these sensations allows me to convey not only visual but tactual sensations and rhythms similar to ones created by nature. The hypnotic pattern in the luminous abstraction seems to radiate, pulse and emerge. The result is open compositions, full of charm and energy which is the essence of my being and therefore my art. Painted with brushes and palette knife. 2020 9 x 9 inches (22.9 x 22.9 cm) White box frame 10 x 10 inches (25.4 x 25.4 cm) The painting is signed and dated with name on the back.Certificate of Authenticity included.

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