Lockdown - anna casu - Olio


Olio 70 x 50 x 3 cm - anna casu - Anno realizzazione: 2020

Cornice: Non disponibile
Disponibile a spedire:  Italia  / Europa  / Mondo

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10:54:20 (30 Settembre 2020)
Thank you Johann for this beautiful and comforting comment ! The photo is not very beautiful, but you have been able to grasp the deep meaning, thank you, anna
12:22:42 (29 Settembre 2020)
Dear Anna, I'm moved by this beautiful portrait which tells a story of despair and sorrow if one is trapped behind fences and mesh. Also from the technical point of view.you've done a fantstic job. And the colorful butterfly that sits on the finger of this girls, is a sign of hope for me.Again my compliments.