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Facce di petrolio

Collettiva spazio museo Alda Merini

Oil faces Masks for Native Americans. From an idea by Claudio Pestalozza with Guido Oldani

In Italy there is still little talk of Native Americans, often relegated to pure ethnographic phenomenon. This project collects a sum of masks commissioned to about twenty artists, and dedicated to these peoples of America. The urgency is to shed light on what is currently taking place in the United States, in harmony with Canada: the construction of an immense oil pipeline (Dakota Access Pipeline, also subsidized by European banks, including Italy) that violates the principles of the UN Declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples. A horizontal wound of two thousand kilometers, which will forever cut their reserves, considered sacred. A position, ours, against enjoyment in making a quick profit, without predicting damage and catastrophe. The initiative is supported by the poet Guido Oldani (creator of Terminal Realism), a voice sensitive to these issues (remember, one for all, at Casa Merini, the day dedicated to the Turkish writer Ahmet Altan, unjustly sentenced to life imprisonment) and the pianist Emanuele Arciuli *, collector and scholar of Native American culture. With readings of poetic texts and music, to move thoughts on important topics such as art / justice and denied rights.
* Emanuele Arciuli '' For the paths of Native American art '' ed. Mobile Characters